How much does it cost to commission artwork?

Illustrated artwork varies from one project to the next. For that reason there’s no exact price guide. What I take into account when preparing an estimate are the following:

• The number of illustrations
• If a specific image is requested
• Complexity of image to be illustrated
• To what extent the finished artwork is used
• The media for which the artwork is prepared

If there is a project you would like to talk about, send a short email outlining what is needed. If a budget in place let me know. This helps me assess if the work can be done for that amount.



What if we have a limited budget?

Often there are ways to simplify the work and reduce the number of items being prepared. Let me know your budget and we can go from there.



How can your artwork benefit us?

Assuming your brand or business is a good fit for the work I do, there’s a number of advantages when commissioning hand drawn work. Read the prospectus to find out more.



How do we commission artwork?

Commissioning artwork is straightforward and involves a few easy steps. This ensures good results and simplifies our cooperation while work is being created. To find out more you can view the programme


Do I need to hire a graphic designer?

My background is in graphic design, so I can help with layout, text and any other design elements. Here are some layout samples


Do you design logos?

I do design trademarks and all the accompanying guidelines. Here are some trademark samples


Can you handle printing?

There is a trusted network of printing and production experts that I work with, so yes, I can oversee digital, litho, and screen printing.



Can we use one of your existing illustrations?

Providing the artwork has not been commissioned by someone else, it is possible to licence use for an agreed fee.



Do you have an agent?

In the UK my work is represented by Column Arts Agency, whom I have worked with since 2011.



What is your artwork process?

I specialise in hand drawn illustration. My line-work is created by dip pen and black indian ink, a technique I have continued to explore and refine. Once an idea is confirmed, thumbnail sketches establish the desired layout before penciling the artwork. This serves as an underdrawing, over which the line-work can be inked. When complete, the inked original is scanned and coloured digitally if required. A good example of this can be seen in the pen and ink workshop prepared for ImagineFX magazine. Graphic design details, like text, layout, and logos can also be added to make artwork ready for commercial use.



Do you sell prints?

Artwork prints are sometimes available. A dedicated online shop is being planned. I also sell framed originals. If enquiring about a specific piece feel free get in touch.