An array of herbs and vegetables are sent flying from the colander of a headless chef.
Fresh Servings. Editorial Artwork for Now Then Manchester (2021)

Editorial for Now Then MCR: Fresh Servings at Kim’s Kitchen

One of Manchester’s longstanding cafe restaurants, Kim’s Kitchen, is revived with a kitchen refurb and new menu. The following excerpt comes from an article written for Now Then Manchester.

To help realise its full potential the premises has been refurbished with a new kitchen, drinks counter, and at the time of writing is being redecorated. The refurbishment also includes a new sound system, laying the groundwork for future DJ sets and video streaming. The ethos of local cooperation informs which suppliers are chosen, and extends to fundraising initiatives for select charities. A phased relaunch began in early 2021, offering an updated menu for takeaway and local deliveries, and includes plant-based and gluten-free options.

The people involved in the plan have lived and worked in the building and local area and have a true recognition of what the space and surrounding area means to the community.”

Bevon Manville (Kim’s Kitchen Co-owner).

As Manchester looks toward the easing of COVID restrictions, Kim’s Kitchen is poised to offer a community-orientated revival in Hulme’s increasingly gentrified landscape and, by doing so, serve a reminder of what has been achieved so far in this part of the city.

Read the full article at Now Then Manchester

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