A giant fish is cradled by an astonished fisherman.
Extra Salty (2021)

Extra Salty Whoppers About the Importance of UK Fishing

The following is an except from a Guardian article by Poly Tonybee, the author of ‘Dismembered: How the Conservative Attack on the State Harms Us All’.

Does it matter? The fishing industry is worth less than 0.5% of GDP. They rightly fear this pinprick to the economy will be traded for bigger prizes – finance, cars, pharma, airline routes. Why else, they ask, is the government’s fisheries white paper delayed time and again? Thirteen Rees-Moggites and one DUP MP swear they’ll vote down any deal unless the UK breaks from the CFP. As these hard Brexiteers want no deal anyway, fishing is their perfect pretext, though no deal would be the fishermen’s apocalypse.

Poly Tonybee – The Guardian 2018