These FAQ responses are subject to periodical updates. Standard Terms are available on request.

Inventive draftsmanship is central to my practice, which uses traditional and digital methods. By firstly considering ideas, and then preliminary ‘roughs’, work can be reviewed before the artwork is consolidated. This is a marked advantage when undertaking commercial assignments.

The priority within my practice is to fulfil commissions. In addition to this, authorial works are frequently produced. These are mostly decorative objects, like high quality giclée prints and hand pulled screen-print editions. The online shop has been developed so goods can be purchased directly. For timely updates about new releases and promotions, join the mailing list. You can also follow @madebyhass on Twitter and Instagram.

Whether or not you have previously commissioned a designer/illustrator, requesting artwork is straightforward and involves a few easy steps. With clarity about the intended use of the artwork, the timeframe to make it, and what budget is available, the creative details can then be discussed.

My artwork looks the way it does because it is underpinned by competent draftsmanship. While different atmospheres can be evoked, the drawing style does not fluctuate.

Collaboration is considered on a case-by-case basis. If a co-operative project can fairly benefit its contributors, I would like to hear more.

My background is in graphic design and art direction. Support can be provided with layout, text, and other design aspects, thereby making artwork ready for commercial use. After considering the scope of your project an appropriate design fee can be prepared.

I have written product descriptions, liner notes, legal documents, small print, blog posts, magazine articles, and academic papers at Postgraduate level. If your project requires written content we can discuss an appropriate writing fee.

There is no standard rate when pricing, be it daily or weekly. By properly assessing the prospective task a flat fee can be set that is in line with its commercial value. This prevents bespoke work being treated as a commodity, while also ensuring there is clarity about the final fee.

Illustration work varies considerably between projects, for which reason there is no definitive price guide. The following are certain to influence an estimate: 1/ The number of image(s) required. 2/ The complexity of the depicted subject(s). 3/ The amount of time to turn around the work. 4/ What items are deliverable. 5/ The scope of use.

Often there are ways to simplify the task or reduce the item list. If warranted, deferred payments may  be considered. If your decision to commission work hinges on available finance, a quote can be offered allowing sufficient time to raise the agreed sum.

Not all artwork is created to fulfil commissions, so it may be possible to license the use of existing images for an agreed fee. This is likely the case if the there is no mention of the commissioning party in an image's caption. Get in touch if there is a particular piece of artwork you might be interested in.

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