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What is your illustration process?

Inventive draftsmanship is central to my practice. Firstly, by considering ideas and preliminary ‘roughs’, agreement on image concepts can be reached. This guides the development of consolidated artwork, which sees use of traditional drawing and digital image-making techniques.

Do you sell prints?

At this time the focus of my practice is on fulfilling commissions, which is why purchasable goods are rarely available. For timely updates follow @madebyhass on Twitter and/or Instagram.

What is your rate?

There is no standard rate when pricing, be it daily or weekly. By properly assessing the prospective task a flat fee can be set that is in line with its commercial value. This prevents bespoke work being treated as a commodity, while also ensuring there is clarity about the final fee.

Would you work in a different style?

My artwork looks the way it does because it is underpinned by my draftsmanship. While different atmospheres can be evoked, the drawing style does not fluctuate.

What is the typical fee?

Illustration work varies considerably between projects, for which reason there is no single definitive price guide. The following are certain to influence an estimate:

  • The number of image(s) required
  • The complexity of the depicted subject(s)
  • The amount of time to turn around the work
  • What items are deliverable
  • The scope of use

What is conceptual illustration?

Images of this kind allude to a discoverable inner meaning. Conceptual illustration strives not for passive viewing, but to move the mind of the onlooker. This is why after several decades they are still used in editorial publications.

How do we commission artwork?

Commissioning illustration work is straightforward and involves a few easy steps. This ensures good results and simplifies our cooperation while the artwork is being created. The first step is to get in touch with a short introduction and summary of what the artwork would be for, and indicate whether a budget has been prepared. If you have not previously commissioned an illustrator do consider reading this short primer by Randy Gallegos.

What if we have a limited budget?

Often there are ways to simplify the work and/or reduce the item list. Let me know your budget and we can go from there.

Do we need a graphic designer?

My background is in graphic design and art direction. Support can be provided with layout, text, and other design aspects, thereby making artwork ready for commercial use. After considering the scope of your project an appropriate design fee can be prepared.

Can you write the text?

I have written product descriptions, liner notes, legal documents, small print, blog posts, magazine articles, and academic writing at Postgraduate level. If your project requires written content we can discuss an appropriate writing fee.

Can we collaborate?

Collaboration can take various forms and would have to be considered on a case-by-case basis. Assuming this would be a genuine collaborative project that benefits everyone fairly, do send an email with all relevant details.

Can we use existing artwork?

Providing the image is not a prior commission it may be possible to customise and/or license use of existing artwork for an agreed fee. Get in touch if there is an image you have in mind.

Do you offer consultation?

Through years of practice and Postgraduate study of illustration, I can offer actionable insight relevant to branding, marketing, and communications. Feel free to get in touch so an appropriate consultation fee can be arranged.

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